New: Tenego & Madden Associates

Tenego, the market leader in partnering, and Madden Associates are working together to deliver channel development expertise.

How to manage a (business) relationship

If you’ve got a valuable asset, it’s usual to manage it. Here's an objective methodology for making the most of business relationships.

Long read: We have a great product; we're all set....

"Our new software is the best thing since sliced bread and it'll fly off the shelves." OK, good luck with that.... If you've been in the technology world for a while, you will have come across many great ideas and plenty of great products. Sadly, many great ideas never make their way into great products. And many great products never achieve the market success they deserve. Perhaps you're a market visionary or genius software developer and have created your Initial Product

Ash's Business Startup Words of Wisdom

In a big company, if you mess up, most likely someone will bail you out and the worst that happens is you get a less than positive annual review. If your manager is doing their job, they will have already figured out that things are not going well and will have a plan to sort it out. In a start-up, there is no-one apart from you to "sort it out". You can lose your life savings, alienate your investors, customers, suppliers & co-founders, be out of business and out of work i