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New: Tenego & Madden Associates

15th November 2019 - Cork, Ireland. Tenego, the international market leader in partnering services, and Madden Associates today signed an agreement to work together delivering on their combined expertise in channel development.

Tenego provides Sales Channels Development Services to growing and established software companies. Through a global network of partners, covering many key markets, Tenego offers consulting and hands-on execution services in Sales Channel Analysis and Planning.

The recently established Tenego Academy delivers practical skills in Sales Channel Development and Management for Sales Channel Professionals and Executives of Software Companies.

Over the years, Tenego has continually developed methodologies and expertise to make sales channel development more effective. With a focus on optimising time for clients, for their partners and for all parties, Tenego has built processes, templates and techniques, that are now available for sharing within Tenego Academy. These are highly practical hands-on methodologies that participants can use and see the benefit within weeks.

Tenego Academy extensive assets perfectly complement Madden Associates capabilities in channel strategy and execution. You can read more about these in my blog here and sign up for Tenego's weekly newsletter here.

Ash Madden is Founder and Director of Madden Associates Limited, the Specialist Channel Sales & Partnering Consultancy

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