Case Studies

Channel Partnering Success


Taiga Innovations needed to dramatically improve sales of their newly developed software product.  Madden Associates engaged as Business Consultants by the Founder and Managing Director to develop a channel strategy and grow sales via business partners.  

Engagement highlights:

- Created and refined go-to-market plan.

- Revised and updated company structure.

- Created business plan and budget.

- Created new holding company to safeguard Intellectual Property.

- Developed contracts for all aspects of business.

- Defined and documented roles and responsibilities.

- Created product roadmap.

- Created marketing materials, presentation and comprehensive FAQ document.

- Created pricing strategy.

- Formalised partnerships with key suppliers, partners & industry bodies.

- Created processes, documents, roadmaps & marketing materials.

- Conducted market research & evaluated channel strategies.  

- Succeeded in setting a clear course for sales growth.

- Established meetings with high-profile key potential partners. 

- Created SMART action plans for directors.


SAS had received interest from Vodafone regarding a potential partnership. Madden Associates were engaged by SAS' CFO and COO to drive the Vodafone partnership "over the line" & into production enabling Vodafone to resell SAS products and services as their own.

Engagement highlights:

- Developed and implemented Vodafone/SAS strategic partnership.

- Created SMART action plan.

- Assembled project team.

- Assessed and documented SAS capability.

- Developed Service Definition.

- Built cross-functional relations at Vodafone.

- Managed creation of marketing materials including brochure & video. 

- Created comprehensive FAQ document.

- Created SAS processes.

- Worked with Vodafone to define their processes.

- Negotiated and agreed framework agreement.

- Negotiated and agreed bulk purchase order.

- Coordinated all project activity to completion.  

- Created, co-ordinated and managed sales pipeline.

- Developed Configure Price Quote (CPQ) systems

- Co-ordinated team of >55 across Vodafone and SAS, reporting to SAS Chairman.

- Managed security, testing and approval processes.

- Won initial deployments with key Vodafone enterprise customers.


IBM Software Group were keen to grow their key business partnerships.  As Business Partner Manager, Ash Madden identified Specialist Computer Centres plc (SCC) as a key partner with scope to grow.  

Engagement highlights:

- Prepared plan to address growth potential.

- Won senior leadership buy-in for new role spanning multiple brands.

- Developed plan into action.

- Identified key target IBM product lines & ensured SCC could sell them.

- Engaged key staff to build rapidly growing business.

- Introduced pipeline development, forecasting & reporting processes.  

- Succeeded in growing SCC’s IBM Software business to the largest in Europe.

- Delivered >$40m of software licence ($55m including recurring) revenues.

- Responsible for delivering monthly, quarterly and annual sales targets.


IBM Software Group were keen to develop their business partnership with Specialist Computer Centres (SCC) further.  As Business Partner Manager, Ash Madden led the business growth initiative.

Engagement highlights:

- Presented case to invest in additional IBM headcount to grow SCC further.

- Won IBM & SCC leadership buy-in to make investments & organisational changes.

- Identified areas for additional resources.

- Built, and won approval for, internal IBM business case for investment.

- Integrated IBM team into SCC and managed team.

- Succeeded in setting plan for an additional 8 sellers from IBM.

- Business plan committed an incremental $27m of IBM Software licence revenue. 


IBM Software needed to create a partnership with Nortel to replace a competitor’s product.  As OEM Alliance Manager, Ash Madden built business partnership with Nortel to rebrand Network Management System (NMS)/Operational Support System (OSS) software.

Engagement highlights:

- Worked with global Nortel teams to understand requirements.

- Built joint Nortel/IBM business plan to obtain project approval & funding.

- Managed relationships with Nortel globally.

- Engaged global IBM executives and teams with Nortel and their opportunity.

- Negotiated and signed major global OEM deal.

- Succeeded in delivering an agreement worth $10m over 3 years

- Won contract despite strong competition and difficult trading conditions. 


Vallent Corporation were seeking to negotiate an extension of an existing Operational Support System (OSS) Software contract with their largest client, Lucent Technologies.  Lucent had planned to develop the product internally. As Director of OEM Sales, Ash Madden led complex negotiations.

Engagement highlights:

- Leveraged network of contacts within Lucent to understand situation.

- Built definition of requirements.

- Identified & documented competitive position of Vallent offering.

- Identified win-win and win-win-win scenarios.

- Devised strategy to deliver additional product value.

- Negotiated with Lucent’s Commercial team to secure signed contract.

- Succeeded with $8m contract extension against strong competition. 


Vallent Corporation had a year-to-year agreement with Lucent to supply Network Management (NMS) / Operational Support System (OSS) / Performance Management Software that was then rebadged by Lucent & deployed across 500 sites.  As Director of OEM Sales, Ash Madden created a new long-term contract to benefit all parties.

Engagement highlights:

- Identified and documented requirements of Lucent & their customers.

- Established Vallent's ability to deliver features & cost benefits.

- Pinpointed interested parties in relevant global functions at Lucent.

- Devised mutually beneficial win-win and win-win-win strategies.

- Negotiated and agreed contract.

- Succeeded in winning a $47.5m, 4-year contract

- Delivered significant contribution to Vallent valuation and shareholder value.


Vallent Corporation needed to negotiate the renewal of an existing Operational Support System (OSS) / Network Management System (NMS) Software contract with Lucent Technologies that was due to expire.  As Director of OEM Sales, Ash Madden led contract renewal negotiations.

Engagement highlights:

- Led analysis of current agreement and barriers to renewal.

- Identified requirements & drivers of all key stakeholders.

- Developed strategy to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

- Negotiated new contract considering existing practices & future deployments.

- Achieved sign-off involving multiple layers of approval across 3 time zones.

- Succeeded with $15m deal fully renegotiated and contracted.


WatchMark Corporation were in competition to create a partnership with Motorola to replace an in-house developed legacy Performance Management software product.  As Director of OEM Sales, Ash Madden built a global business partnership with Motorola to understand and document their requirements and deliver a successful replacement.

Engagement highlights:

- Worked with global Motorola teams to understand requirements.

- Built joint Motorola/WatchMark business plan to obtain project approval/funding.

- Managed relationships with Motorola globally.

- Engaged global WatchMark teams with Motorola and the opportunity.

- Negotiated and signed major global OEM deal.

- Succeeded in delivering an agreement worth $10m over 4 years

- Won despite strong competition and difficult trading conditions.