New: Tenego & Madden Associates

Tenego, the market leader in partnering, and Madden Associates are working together to deliver channel development expertise.

How to manage a (business) relationship

If you’ve got a valuable asset, it’s usual to manage it. Here's an objective methodology for making the most of business relationships.

In detail: Growth by Market Penetration

The easiest way to grow your business is by selling more of what you already sell to the customers you already sell to. How to go about it?

In detail: Growth by Diversification

Breaking into new markets with new offerings and new customers is difficult. Making the most of what you already know will help.

Looking for growth? It's in your hands!

No-one knows your business better than you, your staff, your customers and channel partners. Here's how to make the most of that know how.

Channel Partners? What's in it for me?

Having spent my entire career working with business partners of one sort or another, it is second nature to me. I realise it’s not the...

Ash's Business Startup Words of Wisdom

In a big company, if you mess up, most likely someone will bail you out and the worst that happens is you get a less than positive annual...

How do we win-win-win bigger?

My last blog post ("How do we win-win-win?") discussed getting to, and maintaining, a win-win-win position between suppliers, channel...

How do we win-win-win?

The term "win-win" will be familiar to most people. It's one of those management speak phrases that has been used so much it's in danger...

Are you ready for channel partners?

You're attracted by the idea of growing your business through channel partners. You've already figured out that partners can complement...

Channel conflict? Channel harmony!

So, you've successfully built some great channel partnerships. You may also have a successful direct sales channel. But perhaps there...

To SWOT or not?

We've all participated in, and most likely, initiated countless analyses of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOTs). ...

"I have a cunning plan....."

How many times have you heard this? And how many times has it turned out to be true? I'm not talking about the well known TV series but...