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Real world partnering help and advice: online resources for channel success

Tenego has developed an extensive range of online training and webinar sessions that provide practical, hands-on methodologies for channel partnering success. With many years of experience into distilled into practical education, participants can see benefits within weeks.

Based in Cork, Ireland, Tenego has developed methodologies and expertise to make sales channel development more effective. With a focus on optimising time for clients, for their partners and their customers, Tenego has processes, templates and techniques that are now available for sharing within Tenego Academy.

Madden Associates are delighted to recommend Tenego's offerings which complement our own. Together we maximise your channel success (more information).

Here are some examples of the great resources available:

Partner Agreements & Negotiations (includes free partner agreement template)

When starting to work with channel partners, you will need an effective partner agreement. This series of articles and videos includes a free partner agreement template and other downloadable resources. The email series contains a special offer, of 50% discount, to the Tenego Partner Agreements & Negotiations course (2 hours).

The intended audience is typically companies starting out in channels and partnering. It could be startup companies or growing companies who are engaging with partners for the first time.

More information.

Partnering Strategy Development Course

For companies starting in sales channels, this introduces Tenego's Partner Type Selection process. The outputs are prioritised partner types, partner profiles, partner fit evaluation template and a partnering execution plan (4-hour course).

More information.

Panel Discussion: Starting in Sales Channels

This is a great session discussing a real world situation where a software vendor was able to use Tenego's expertise to deliver on their channel ambitions. Highly recommended.

More information.

Panel Discussion: What do Resellers really want from software vendors?

An honest, practical and direct discussion with a founder and CEO of a regional System Integrator/reseller on what they look for when selecting solution partners.

More information.

Will a Global Channel Partner resell your product?

When it comes to working with larger potential channel partners, there can be giant opportunities but there can also be giant pitfalls for the unwary. Here's a short story, article and video about "SolutionCo" (€20m) partnering with "GiantCo" (€3bn), what happened and the lessons learned.

Your Partner Proposition is more than sharing license revenues

Achieving a fair split on license revenues with your channel partner is an important part of the strategy to deliver a win-win for the software vendor. But it's not the only part; Tenego's Partner Proposition Development Checklist helps you determine what to consider and how to prioritise. Sign-up here.

When's it time to demonstrate your product?

Do you rush to demo your product too soon when meeting new channel partners? Do you know what's most important in the demo? Are you too keen to demonstrate great features? With new channel partner opportunities, should you talk business opportunity first and then give the product demo? This article and video addresses these questions and more.

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Ash Madden is Founder and Director of Madden Associates Limited, the Specialist Channel Sales & Partnering Consultancy

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