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A Structured Approach to Success

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Strategic Planning

We help you define and document objectives along with the trade-offs inherent in achieving them.  What do you wish to achieve with your channel?  What can you realistically achieve and when?  What trade-offs are necessary to achieve those goals?  We help investigate and evaluate the alternatives; the decision is always yours.

Here is an example from my blog on growing a channel business.

Business Meeting

Market Analysis and Positioning

We help you analyse, categorise and prioritise your business opportunities.  Existing companies possess a veritable treasure trove of data regarding customers, solutions and capabilities built up over your years in business.  We help you make the most of this hard-won information to define and optimise your channel plans.

Here is an example from my blog on analysing your business for growth opportunities.

Business Meeting

Activity and Resource Planning

We help you create a plan to achieve your goals and optimise your business.  Clients ask: Where do we start? How do we agree?  How do we decide? Who will own the plan? How will the plan be communicated?  We will help you plan and create actions that are Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Timely (SMART).

Here is an example from my blog on managing a strategic business partner relationship.

Shaking Hands

Implementation and Execution

We have the experience and expertise to implement and execute your channel plans.  Or we can monitor the implementation and execution of the plan and answer questions such as: How is the plan progressing?  What challenges are encountered?  What has gone well?  What needs to be changed? What implications does this have?

Here is an example from my blog on developing a win-win-win business partner relationship.