Recipes for Growth

Methodologies for growing your business

Business Meeting

Strategic Planning

Understanding Your Objectives

We help you define and document objectives and identify the trade-offs inherent in achieving them.

  • What are your companies core values?

  • What values define the company?

  • Which values are flexible and which are non-negotiable?

  • What are your company's goals?

  • What do you wish to achieve?​

  • What can you realistically achieve and when?

  • What is your company prepared to do to achieve these goals?  ​For example: make changes, invest, accept trade-offs, take tough decisions, accept outside advice, compromise on goals, merge, acquire or divest?

Effectively growing and developing a business requires a clear understanding of what the business is, what it does and what it seeks to achieve.  With an objective appreciation of the current position, we then help you define strategies and actions to achieve the desired goals.  

For further reading, click here for my blog post "I have a cunning plan.... " which discusses one methodology for business planning.